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23: Book With a Hole

The idea of this semesters printmaking workshop was to create a book with a hole, where each student creates a page that is containing a hole, such that we would face an

interactive art-making process

in which we explicitly react to each other's work. The photographs I took at the start of the semester are showing some playful approach to the concept of the hole, for which I made cut-outs from art books found in the trash, who already have some narrative content, and played interactively with the KABK interior in order to generate new stories and views. Already with the start of the workshop I noticed, how much I like the interactiveness of printing - we started to share printing plates and cut-outs and you could see certain shapes appear in several student’s work. I like about it, that it brings much more looseness into the often still very dominant idea of individualised and personal art-making, and I could experience how much you can profit from other peoples artistic input and re-interpret it again.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances, we were soon not anymore able to use the printing workshop and exchange our printing plates. We started a

mail system

, where we sent each other small assignments and material, so that we still have interactive moments and a playful approach to the art-making. I made a few collages with the sent material from other students and teachers, where I combined manual collage-making with digital collage-making. I appreciated to get input from others as a starting point, and how the collages start to include more and more traces of the other people - it achieves a


of a different kind by this accumulation, as it connects all our different points of view and stories and merges them into something new. I enjoyed that, although we were sitting in different locations all over the world, we still managed to stay in contact and create artwork together.

Moreover, I set up a website for the class (and others) displaying a

digital book

, because I thought the idea of a hole in an image, making it possible to look to layers below, fits very well to digital media. Using PNGs, it is possible to cut out a hole in your „page“, using e.g. free software such as GIMP, and to insert your PNG page in the book at a position you like. I like the idea to keep this book

open to everybody

who is interested in becoming part of this project and who likes to


with other peoples art work! Moreover, I would like to keep this

digital openness

running in future also in other contexts, e.g. I am thinking of different and more playful formats than the book, to think about more interactiveness within them, how to make the website more accessible for participating and how to spread it more easily. Especially in times of Corona, I think it is a nice tool for generating interesting collaborations, independent of the spatial distance among people.